Our workhorse RD202 elastomer

Whether you are optimizing performance with oil-based mud (OBM), water-based mud (WBM), or if you need enhanced performance through measurement while drilling (MWD) operations, our power sections give you a host of performance advantages. The RD202 custom-formulated elastomer provides consistent performance and power to give you competitive advantages in the field.

Innovation born from materials science.

Our technology team’s heritage comes from the materials science and chemical sides of the business. We created our innovative power sections with a clear focus on providing industry-leading quality elastomers – creating value at the core. Our research and development team is comprised of a unique blend of chemists, mechanical engineers, and field-proven oilfield technicians who know what challenges you face on-site – and our power sections are designed to deliver maximum power, performance, and reliability – enabling you to go further with every turn. Our blend of advanced analytics and commitment to research & development ensures you will never need another power section company on your roster.

Ongoing commitment to quality.

Using smart design principles based on advanced knowledge of materials science and years of real-world field data, our power sections have been engineered for maximum ROP, enhanced elastomer integrity, resistance to chemical swelling in high-temperature environments, excellent hot hole performance and a wide variety of solutions based on ever-changing drilling conditions.

Our singular focus delivers in spades.

As a company specializing only on manufacturing innovations for power sections, our sole focus is helping you achieve maximum performance from your rotors and stators in the field. Our development team uses a data driven feedback loop and powerful analytics designed to customize and optimize our family of power sections to perform in every condition imaginable.

All of our advanced performance benefits are designed to reduce costly non-productive time (NPT) and reduce drilling costs.


Manufacturing Performance

Our manufacturing facility can help you with a variety of custom solutions and rapid prototyping to ensure you are getting the exact performance you require. In addition, our development team is continually working on solutions to take power sections to the next level – we’re always working to support our customers with the latest innovations. If you are an operator looking to gain the most value and ROP in your power section, or a rental company that wants to minimize your inventory while offering a competitive service, ArcoTech has a solution for you.

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