Strategically Manufactured
in Conroe, TX

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Conroe, Texas, giving us a distinct advantage over the competition. Operators, rental companies and service companies in our region can reduce turnaround times and experience quick and convenient service right in their own backyard. In addition, our state-of-the-art reline services can support any OEM stators to help get you back in the field as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Company Timeline


Materials Lab construction started

Stator Elastomer development begins

First article prototype stator manufactured


ArcoTech begins relining stator with proprietary elastomer

ArcoTech files for first patent on graphene reinforced stator

ArcoTech leads First quarter stator reliability stats for the first time, the view doesn’t change


2nd generation elastomer “RD202” replaces RD102


Initiation of material science driven power section designs


Completion of ArcoPulse Alpha prototype

ArcoTech’s 5,000th reline

Rotor production begins

ArcoTech’s first proprietary power section 7.1/4” 6/7 4.6


First successful 5.00” ArcoPulse field trial in Permian Basin

ArcoTech launches 7.1/4” 7/8 8.5 for Permian market, becomes pace setter

First proprietary 5.00” power section 5.00” 6/7 9.0


7.1/4” 5/6 8.8 high speed Eagleford power section launches

First reline trial in new reline facility

ArcoTech’s 10,000th stator reline

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Conroe TX 77303
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