Revolutionary Science of the Vantage NanoTech Elastomer

Discover the future of elastomer technology with Vantage NanoTech, an innovative solution forged from the strongest material ever tested – GRAPHENE. ArcoTech’s cutting-edge patented prototype, featuring graphene nano-platelet reinforcement, offers a stark contrast to traditional carbon black reinforcement. This pioneering approach in power section stators sets a new standard in material science, delivering unmatched strength and reliability for challenging applications

Key Features of Vantage NanoTech Elastomer

Experience the exceptional with Vantage NanoTech Elastomer, a product that stands out with its remarkable features. Boasting a high surface area per mass and unparalleled thermal conductivity, this elastomer significantly improves dynamic properties. With improved oil resistance and a 50% reduction in hysteresis, Vantage NanoTech sets a new benchmark for performance, offering a powerful advantage in today’s demanding environments

Proven Excellence: Real-World Applications and Case Studies

Vantage NanoTech Elastomer is not just a theoretical marvel; it’s a field-proven success. Over 11,000 stators produced with our workhorse RD202, all manufactured in Texas, are a testament to its reliability and performance. Seven years of successful case histories reinforce its credibility. The goals of providing a consistently reliable stator product, compatible with both water-based and oil-based muds, and superior drilling performance have been steadfastly met since late 2013

All of our advanced performance benefits are designed to reduce costly non-productive time (NPT) and reduce drilling costs.

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Join the ranks of those leading the way in material technology. Contact us at (936) 539-3539, or visit our contact page form to explore how Vantage NanoTech Elastomer can revolutionize your applications. Our commitment to balancing elastomeric properties ensures that every material we produce is of the highest quality, tailored for the challenging environments of today.

Our groundbreaking new product is now available at the same cost as the reliable RD202. This is your invitation to collaborate with us in launching a dynamic market disruptor. Be a key player in shaping the future!

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